Central Plateau, North Island

Central Plateau, North Island
View from a friend's farm

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Foxy’s Flying Adventure

Way back in January I posted a photo of the Fastest Fox of All

He had a wee bit of fun in the garden, and I had a request from Carol in Tennessee to see if I would make one for  Emma June. We decided on the colours, and Foxy was all done. He tootled off to our local NZ Post Shop, was bundled up in a sturdy International postage bag, and flew off.

Little did he know that this was the adventure of his life.(  this is a mythical  tale, as without track and trace I cannot be sure where he really did go). so in his words, here is the story.  photos courtesy of the internet, unless unmistakably from my camera.


I will have a wee sit in the chair as I wait for airline ticket confirmation.

I flew to Tennessee today, 17th February 2018 Foxy #2

Farewell, Foxy  Number one, enjoy living in NZ. I will miss you.

Foxy #1

The first part, off to Wellington  Airport.. A quick trip down the Kapiti Coast.

Ho Hum, all looking good. A wee wait, so will have a harbour trip to Somes Island.  This is in Wellington Harbour.

This was formerly an alien internment camp and a quarantine station.

Somes Island, Wellington Harbour

I met some wildlife there, a Kaka, a Tuatara, and the bright Kakariki.

Image result for kaka bird photos

Image result for tuatara Nz  photos

Image result for kakariki photos

Off through customs,and onto the huge Air New Zealand plane to Los Angeles.( or so I thought)!!! Wellington Airport runways below.

Image result for wellington airport photos

These are some of the routes from new Zealand. Looks like I will have to go up to Auckland and leave from there.

AirNZ flight paths

I was asleep before we left New Zealand, and was woken a short time later, to say there had been an unexpected stop-over in  Hawaii  . .Wish I had packed some spare clothes!!! Look at that Waikiki Beach, at Honolulu.

Image result for hawaii photos

Back on the Boing 777-300

Image result for air NZ 777 300 photos

we set off again for LAX. I hope the pilot knows which runway to use, this looks HUGE.

LAX airport runways

Through customs again , and a domestic flight to Nashville. That should be fun.Oops, this is the International airport.

Nashville International airport

Phew!! New Zealand is 2.5 times as large as Tennessee. The next flight should be so fast.

Image result for Nashville domestic airport photos

Hold on, my ticket said Auckland, and they have bundled me off to Oakland in California.  Guess with a NZ accent, the two places sound the same.!!!

I just arrived, and am now going back the other way. Oakland is the 45th largest city in US. Hope I don’t get lost.

This looks pretty,might spend some time here.No,I need to find an official and get my tickets sorted out properly!!!

Image result for Oakland US photos

Back to Nashville again, this time hope it is the right place to be.

Is this where I am going? Do not think so.

Image result for hendersonville Tn photos

try again, another street… Think this might be the place.  I am  exhausted, it has been 6 weeks since I left New Zealand, and am late for a very important date.

This looks like somewhere I should be, let’s try.

Image result for apartments in Tennessee photos

I have arrived, Carol is happy, and I am on the way to meet Emma June, and have fun with her for the rest of my life.

Thanks to all the pilots and air cabin crew who took good care of me, and eventually found where I should be going. the 10 working days estimated travel time, took 6 long weeks. I know that Jean and Carol were worried,  they thought  customs had  opened the parcel, and taken me away? Was I lingering in some long forgotten postal bag? NZ post was doing some investigating, after they received a LOT of details. Phew, thank goodness I arrived safely.

And that is  the  mythical story of my 6 week travel adventure.


The moral of this story from Foxy is, send any parcel Track and Trace, you will know where  the parcel is , and when, all the time.Even with the docket and transaction number, this has been a good lesson in  taking extra care when posting parcels anywhere.

Meantime I made a Blue Bunny, to keep the three bears company over Easter. He is resting in the bright sunshine,  on the new orange batik, which is destined for Bear  Number 4.

Three Amigos with their Easter Bunny Friend

Easter Bunny with the orange batik

Quotation of the day, author unknown

‘’ Fill  your life with adventures, not things.

Have stories to tell ‘’

Greetings from Jean.

I am off to Tennessee, and will fly over the oceans, travel overland, and arrive in Tennessee in an estimated 10 working days.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Gold and Green and more colours

Do you remember the story of our overnight stay in Oamaru?

Short version, we were in the butcher’s shop, waiting to collect the HUGE ham for the wedding, I mentioned we could not get any accommodation for the night, one lovely tall good looking ( did I mention YOUNG as well )  said we could stay with him. Another  very kind gentleman suggested the same. Then Jill, standing just behind me, said “ Come and stay with Alister and me”. We did. The  ending of this tale is that I made a large toy bag for their grandson Jack, ( our way of saying a huge thank you )   posted it down to the South Island ( this time with Track and Trace ) and it might have flown to Australia by now. In true Aussie colours, dark green and gold applique words.The letters are really yellow, but just do not show as well in these photos.  Here it is.

Jack's Toy Bag #4Jack's toy bag

Jack's toy Bag #2

Jack's Toy Bag #3

Made to last, be dragged round the concrete, dumped in a sand pit, and taken out on trips and holidays. Enjoy your time in Australia, my new so generous and wonderful friends.

The month of March colour was Yellow, and Golden Ted sneaked home by a whisker, one day ahead of closing. He has a blue skipping rope and handles, and again is in batik fabrics. The background is not pale blue, but a homespun fabric  in pale calico colour. This is going to go to Christchurch at the end of the year, when all the coloured Teds are made.

Yellow Ted March 2018

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ Yellow, the colour of sunshine,

joy, happiness, intellect and energy.

Let it be with us throughout the world”

Greetings from Jean.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

One Day After Another

The days seems to slip by, with some things started,  and others finished.

The garden continues to show glorious colours, with

Brunsvigia Josephinae, this year 3 bulbs all flowered.

Brunsvigia Josephinae

Brunsvigia, so many flower heads this year,2018

The  Miscanthus Sinesis has the beginnings of those feathery heads on tall stems.

Miscanthus grass with feathery heads on tall stems

The sedum is another  colour below the grasses.

Purple Sedum

I tried to resurrect the post that would not publish, but had an “error 404” every time. So here are some  pics from our last ferry trip coming back to Wellington. They will all have some blur, it is in reality salt spray on the windows.

Waiting in the queue at Picton.It was a cool start. Maybe about 5  Celsius. ( Cool for March down here in NZ )

Picton, waiting to board the ferry

Marlborough Sounds, as the sun started to shine through the clouds.

Marlborough  Sounds, through the window

Cook Straight is ahead, the rocks  are the last  we see of the Marlborough Sounds.

On the ferry,  Cook Straight is ahead

We  were on the lower vehicle deck, it is a “drive through” and 3 cars went out ahead of us. The man is standing in front of the huge door which opens down, with a  lot of sirens sounding, and huge hydraulic rams working.

On the ferry at Wellington

Here is the door partly opened, taken through the windscreen.

Ferry door is opening

I had a full day at Palmerston North Hospital on Wednesday. It poured on the drive in, and was still raining most of the morning. The Myoscan appointment time was nigh!!!

I managed, with some help, to find the “ Nuclear Medicine” department, and after meeting the others in the waiting room, had my weight taken, and the radioactive tracer injection. Then a wait, and the first scan. The machine was like this, but I went through feet first. Not a comfortable table, a bit like concrete!!! But every staff person was so caring, and made the whole day go much better than I had anticipated.( until the stress test!!!)

Image result for Gamma camera photos

Then after that scan, a wait of almost 2 hours, then off to the second floor for the stress test.This was not much fun, in fact it was hard work.Not a treadmill or an exercycle, but a drug, ( Dobutamine)  to make my heart think it is exercising to the utmost. I had to march on the spot for FOUR minutes!!!

“ Pace yourself, try not to walk too fast but lift your knees higher, remember that 4 minutes will seem to be a long time” was what the specialist told me at the start. He was  absolutely correct. He started to give me the countdown, after 2 minutes, and encouragement as well, asking if I was short of breath.YES, did I have pain, yes, could I please lift my knees higher yes , as it became harder to breath or talk.

An ECG was done at the same time, and I think the antidote was also given by  the infusion pump at the end, that took another 4 minutes until I felt slightly better. This was a scary procedure, and after having a treadmill test last year, know which I would prefer.

Then another walk, very slowly, downstairs,another lovely orderly was with me, his reassuring words helped so much.  A short wait, another scan, this time about 10 minutes, then get dressed and off home.Phew, I was so glad to have a coffee after none for over 24 hours.  My GP should get the results on Friday.

All staff were so caring, as we waited, in those in-glamorous white dressing gowns, over the standard green gown that did not fasten anywhere,as staff walked to and fro,  two of us were told “ Ladies, you are so elegant”, another commented, “ Waiting for the Day Spa!!” another “ Good Luck”, how  we  all needed a load of that.

Quotation of the day from Denis Waitley

“ A smile is the light in your window that tells

others there is a caring, sharing person inside”

Greetings from Jean

Thursday, 15 March 2018

We are home.

The red night sky gave us a warm welcome. The crossing was calm, all  is well at home, boys and girls so happy to see us back.

Night Sky March 2018

I did another post, a bit longer, edited, posted,  and then deleted one  internet photo that was too wide, and cannot publish it now.

I hope to have a few more photos through the salt spray windows  as we came  through the sounds. We will see.

Quotation of the day, author unknown

“ No matter how far you travel,

the return home is always via the best road”

Greetings from Jean.



Monday, 12 March 2018

East to West, a Bluebird Day.

Sunday dawned with a clear sky and almost a frost at Springfield.

The day before,late afternoon, the Trans Alpine Express tootled  along on its way back to the East, so many tourists hanging out of the open rail cars, I guess I am on at least one photo and maybe a video,going back to China or Japan, I hadn’t time to get my camera out.

I can see it now “Look at that crazy lady waving like mad at us!!!”

Photo courtesy of the internet. The Trans Alpine Express on the way from Christchurch to Greymouth, South Island, New Zealand.

Image result for trans alpine train nz photosLouise ,at Bahara, , Springfield,  made us so welcome,and the girls and boys did too. Call in here to enjoy the peace and beauty of the south.

Bahara Accommodation

I have just phoned Louise and she so kindly has given me permission  to post some photos from their web page.Eat your heart out at these, I need to be back in winter to get that much desired “Quilt on the Snow” photo. Happy Anniversary, I hope you have as many years of happiness together as Hugh and I have had.

The alpacas all smiled to order for this one. Courtesy Bahara web page.

2014-10-02 17.29.01a

Winter  white, beautiful.


And one more from Bahara’s web pages, the far unit was where we had the most peaceful night, and where I stood on the deck, to wave at all who passed along the railway lines!!! Thanks so much Louise.We will be back.


Back to my Canon, one alpaca looked on in curiosity,and one little hen obliged as well

Springfield Alpaca, just looking.

One of the girls at Springfield

Sunrise at Bahara. the day would be fine.

Sunrise at Springfield, 11th March

Arthur’s Pass was definitely the best drive of all, so many places to stop easily!!! So, here wo go,from start to end.

Still early morning and shadows from those huge mountain ranges.

Pathfinder and trailer on the way to Arthur's PassOn the way to Arthur's Pass, shadows.

shadows on the bridge, on the way to Arthur's Pass

The darker part is shadow from the hills to our left, the Eastern side. The paler part  is rocky, with a lot of very bare places.

Pathfinder and trailer on the way to Arthur's Pass. #2

A lot of windscreen views.here is one.

Windscreen view on the way to Arthur's Pass #2

There was mist rising in the distance, above  Lake Pearson, high in the Waimakariri Basin.

Mist  in the distance on the way to  Arthur's Pass

More shadows, this is exactly how it was that morning at 9 a.m.

Sunlight and shadows on the way to Arthur's Pass

Arthur's Pass National Park sign.

More rocks, this would all be covered in snow in winter.

rocks and scree on  the way to Arthur's Pass

Above the viaduct,we didn’t try to cross the road with the trailer, this is a huge engineering feat.

Photo courtesy of the internet.

Related image

this is the corner just above the viaduct.

Above the viaduct on the  Arthur's Pass road

A wee bit of snow,left over from 20th February.

Snow on the way to Arthur's Pass

We left the Pass road,a brief stop at Kumara, we were there in 1986. The Pathfinder looks so shiny after tar seal roads!!!No dusty metal today.

Kumara stop.

Over the Taramakau River bridge, road and rail all together!!!

Bridge over the Taramakau River, rail and road combined 

Then that salty smell,and the vast Tasman Sea on our left.I could almost see Australia in the distance.ALMOST, as 2000km is a tad too far.!!!

Rocks below the road to Greymouth.#2Rocks below the road to Greymouth

We are well on  the way to Westport, to stay a night with a friend who moved from our home-town to down south.

Pathfinder on the way to Greymouth

Quotation of the day, author unknown,

“Kindness and generosity

will always be remembered ,

many years after they have been given with no

thought of a repayment”

Greetings from Jean.